Backup and restore of the entire, or parts of the MAS® database, directly through the admin interface

System health check (to verify that all expected server-side settings are in place);
cleanup of the directory system from MAS®-generated files which are no longer in use;
flush of old stats and logs (manual or automatic) to keep the database small & healthy.

Full activity log, for admins with superuser access to check who/when/what had been done within the MAS® interface

Multiple sort orders per page (members can choose the sort order dynamically)

Multiple categories and gallery templates assigned to a single content set (different templates per site)

Advanced options for automatic content rotation

Batch actions for quick altering of multiple content set properties (categories, templates, find&replace in titles/descriptions and more); Undo of last changes

Batch action for mass-change (resize) of existing faceimages

News & Events for multiple sites

Ability to upload standalone images & media through the interface, to be used at news/events messages

System-generated event messages for new & upcoming content updates

Secured feedback mailing form and MAS® admin login form (with captcha verification)

Alert & prevention system against injection of malicios commands in templates

Support for flash content streamed via LightTPD, Wowza or Adobe FMS

Fully integrated support for Level-3 and EdgeCast CDN networks (installed on demand)

Native integration with EzDRM platform for encoding and protecting videos in Windows Media or Adobe Flash formats.

100% compatible and preloaded leased feeds powered by SexEntertain (SexEntertain Content & Plugins, Vivid, Hustler Content, FullonVideo, Cherry Boxxx, Erotic Men, Total Hentai) (installed on demand)

Passthru of userdefined variables (useful for tours - webmaster tracking codes etc.)

Obscured (hashed) content paths (installed on demand)

Manual selection of content to be displayed on certain sections

Automatic counters of content sets/pictures/videos to be displayed on the site

Inheriting template classes into multiple sites/sections, or directly including the parsed result of one section into another

Star rating

Improved scanners for new content

Support for external event handlers on rebuild (installed on demand)

Numerous bugfixes, performance and security improvements and more template tags.

MAS® V2 Sites management

Manage all your sites through one interface.

Share all types of content between different sites with a click of the mouse.

SITE MAP - View at a glance of all your sites, with their defined categories and subcategories and the assigned content to each member area section in Explorer-style graphical tree structure. You can even easily access all the page/gallery properties from within the site map.

Update all your sites with news and content from within the admin interface. No need to touch the HTML code anymore!

Flexible categorization - it's all up to you how you want your content categorized - by niche, by action, by site, by type, by anything...

Custom-set sort order for the galleries in your sites - by date added, by popularity, by name.

MAS® V2 Schedule updates

Various options helping you schedule your site's updates for weeks and months ahead.

Select a group of content sets (galleries) and distribute them equally through a given period. You just point when to start and/or when to finish - MAS® will do the math for you.

Set the activation date for each individual content link (set) by hand

You may even choose to distribute a number of sets randomly - this way escaping from the alphabetical order in which you may had added your existing content.

MAS® V2 Statistics

MAS® automatically collects statistics about how many times each content link (set) has been viewed. This number can even be displayed in real time on your site's pages.

Display a TOP 10 section on your site, showing the most visited links.

TOP Rated stats - display the links to the content sets rated highest by your members, right on your home page or at a separate section. Or view the rating details for all sites inside the admin interface.

View stats sorted & grouped per leased content provider - this way you can make out which content deal works for you and which not.

MAS® V2 Content management

Manage all kinds of content from one place - pictures, videos, text stories, live feeds.

Manage all of your LEASED CONTENT the same way you do with your own content.

Automatic thumbnail generation for your pictures and videos. A great number of video formats are supported.

Auto scan for newly uploaded content.

Create two or more galleries with the same content (using a different template or assigning it to a different site) - no need to upload the same files again - saving space & bandwidth.

Customizable face image for the content sets (galleries). Use different sizes for the front pages and the gallery page. Options for custom size and alignment when cropping.

Use one or more different templates for the galleries.

Content Groups. Allows grouping of unlimited number of photo/video sets in a group, and listing these groups on the members area front pages. Ideal for creating models portfolio pages - with common title, lead image, bio and a thumbnailed list of featured galleries.

Content Attributes. Define an unlimited number of attributes and corresponding values, then assign them to any content set. Allow storing descriptive data, searching for content based on some attributes, including the results in a given members area section.

Relate content sets in pairs. For example - a video set can be bundled with a picture gallery with screenshots from that video.

Lots of Batch Operations applied to a number of content sets at a time, to speed up your work - add, delete, group, include in members area sections, apply attributes, schedule and more.

MAS® V2 Flexible templates

Forget about boring thumbnail tables. Express yourself using a large set of custom tags which the MAS® engine will replace with actual content.

The webmaster can choose among a basic set of tags to quickly create a "draft" of a members area for starter, and later improve it. But design freaks may use many extended tags to utilize the full power of MAS®, sorting and grouping content and displaying properties, links and thumbs in a highly flexible way, to give a unique look of the members area.

Sample templates are included. And we can create more for you, tailored to your specific needs.

No programming skills needed

Turn any HTML page in a full-featured template in minutes, using intuitive named custom tags.

You can insert the necessary tags anywhere you want in your page layout using a simple text editor or any HTML-editing application.

MAS® V2 Extra features

News/Special events subsystem - add/edit the news and announcements from the web-interface, then update your sites all at once.

Automated feedback - create your custom-designed feedback pages, where your members can post the webmaster a message. No additional programming code needed!

Slideshow for the photo galleries, advanced navigation (previous image/next image, direct jump to a specific item; buttons for start/stop and control the speed of slideshow with nice transition effects.

Dynamic Search Function. Give your members the ability to search the entire content in the site's members area for sets matching specified criteria - based on content attributes or name/description. You may use google-style search box or limited search with checkboxes. Display the search results on a custom-templated page.

Voting. Giving members the ability to vote for each gallery. Vote results (ratings) can then be displayed on the members areas, and a Top-Rated chart can be created. You can choose to disable the voting function for particular sets.

MAS® V2 Support

Rich documentation with examples.

Context-sensitive help system.

Step-by-step tutorial with video screen-capture illustrations.

Online support. 24/7 ticket system.

Free upgrades with all new features added to the standard version. Customized development of new features on client's demand.